I’ve been involved in design and motion design for over 9 years. My journey began at a high school specialized in multimedia. After graduation, I worked for 3 years at the Incube design studio, serving as both a junior graphic designer and motion designer. Subsequently, I graduated from Scholastika college, specializing in motion design. Today, I’m actively involved at Scholastika, not just as a teaching assistant, but also as the lead for the “Studio Practice” subject and courses for After Effects. My primary passion is 2D motion design, which I often complement with stylized 3D animation. I’ve collaborating with clients like O2, Heureka, Mixit, Iqos, and XPS network, and others. In 2022, I co-authored an installation for Scholastika at Designblok, where we showcased an interactive projection. This project was honored with a nomination for the best school presentation. Apart from motion design, I’ve recently delved into interactive projections, installations, and VJing.